Start your Professional Housecall Hair Stylist career with Motivated Haircutters and write your own success story!

Be Your Own Boss

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

  • 70% commission split
  • Online & cash tips
  • Group health insurance*
  • Set your own schedule & territory
  • Product & tool discounts

Housecall Hair Stylist Career

Being a Professional Housecall Hair Stylist can be a very rewarding and well paying career but, as you know, there are other things that matter too and Motivated Haircutters can provide you with the satisfaction of being your own boss plus an amazing work life balance. Just a few highlights are:

  • Be your own boss
  • 70% commission split
  • Online + cash tips
  • Weekly payouts
  • Set your own schedule & territory
  • Group health insurance available
  • Regional & national conferences
  • Online mastermind success coaching
  • Latest trends & advanced skills training
  • Omni-channel hair stylist support centre
  • Manage everything through our app
  • Product & tool discounts

Turn-key Business Model

We offer a turn-key Nano-Business® model that, if followed, will help you get from start up to a full roster of regular recurring Customers as quickly as possible. You’ll have the Motivated Haircutters creditability attached to your name from the beginning plus our system takes away the things about the housecall hair styling industry that Providers tend to either be bad at or have a distaste for.

We handle advertising, marketing and sales plus billing, administration, scheduling and even managing all the Customer communications, just to name a few!  You don’t have to go through all the negative parts of being an entrepreneur as we have those things covered for you!

With our system you can focus on enjoying your work day and doing a great job for Customers. As well, we have team of expert Support Agents at the ready whenever you need us with a full omni-channel hair stylist support centre.  That means you can communicate with us via phone, text, e-mail, webchat and even social media direct message.

You see, at Motivated Haircutters our Customers are not just the Consumers of our service but our Customers are the Providers of our services too!  We really mean that and it shows in everything we do.  You’ll be in business for yourself but definitely not by yourself because your success is our success!

Our Services

We offer family friendly and affordable housecall haircutting services through expert Professional Housecall Hair Stylists including:

  • Kids haircutting
  • Men’s haircutting
  • women’s haircutting
  • Women’s hair up-dos
  • Women’s hair blowouts

We offer a hair washing add-on for extra fee and we’ve sourced fantastic equipment to make it easy for you to wash hair in a Customer’s sink.

Currently, we do not offer coloring services but do plan on making that an option for Customers in the future.  Our housecall hair stylists will be given an option to add that to their service menu or to leave it on, whichever works best for them.

How To Apply

Applying to become a Professional Housecall Hair Stylist with Motivated Haircutters is a fast and easy process.  You just click the apply button on this page, fill out the online application and we’ll respond to you within one business day.  You’ll need to upload some things with your application so be sure to have the following on hand:

  • Resume
  • Provincial industry license
  • Cosmetology school certificate

Outside of supplying the above noted documentation you’ll need the following:

  • Full-time availability (you get to set your own days and availability)
  • A smart phone with data
  • Housecall hair styling equipment
  • Housecall hair styling products
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Criminal record check

Most of the tools of the trade you’ll already have on hand, such as your shears. However, as a Housecall Hair Stylist you’ll need some other things such as a mobile housecall hair station, for example. Your equipment is tax deductible and relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider how much you can earn from it.  We’ll give you a list of what you need plus provide you with discount codes for the best beauty supply stores.  

  • We’ll supply you with a list of what you need
  • Expect an initial investment of $400 – $800 into your Nano-Business

Start up costs will vary, depending on what you already have on hand, but you will definitely require a new housecall mobile hair station, a specialized backpack and a few other items unique to housecall haircutting.  As well, you’ll require commercial general liability insurance to protect yourself but that runs only about $50/month and we’ll provide you with a link to get it set up in minutes. 

Don’t let the costs associated with self-employment scare you.  The great thing about being Nano-Business owner is that you’ll get to deduct any legitimate business expenses you incur while earning your business income.  That means you can claim things like kilometres used on your vehicle, gas expenses, a portion of car loan or car lease payments, your phone, a portion of your mortgage or rent plus lots of other things.  This reduces your taxable income and paying less income tax means more of money that you earn stays in your pocket, where it belongs!

What are you waiting for?  Write your own success story today!